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Women decision makers

Partial view of today's national conference on Women's Political Participation and Election in Ethiopia Mahlet Fasil Addis Abeba, December 19/2019- The number of Ethiopian women in the national legislative and executive branches has grown significantly since Ethiopia conducted its first parliamentary election in 1995.

"Violence against women and young girls is contrary to all standards that make a society great." Solomon Ayele Dersso (PhD) & Aya Chebbi, for Addis Standard  Addis Abeba, November 29/2019 - Violence, weather in the form of verbal abuse, online trolls, sexual harassment,

Haderu Gebray’s pending marriage at 15 years was illegal and it drew widespread condemnation on social media. © UNFPA Ethiopia/Abraham Gelaw Abraham Gelaw   Kola Tembein, Tigray, September 19/2019 - Earlier this year, Haderu Gebray, 15, and her parents were arrested for planning