News Alert: US names new envoy for Horn of Africa

Ambassador Mike Hammer. Picture: State Department

Addis Abeba – The US State Departments announced that Ambassador Mike Hammer will succeed the outgoing Ambassador David Satterfield as Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa.

Ambassador Mike is the third US envoy to be appointed to serve president Joe Biden’s administration for the Horn of Africa, replacing the outgoing Ambassador David Satterfield who was appointed in January this year. He was appointed after his predecessor Jeffrey Feltman left less than a year on the job.

“I am grateful to Ambassador Satterfield for the experience and determination he brought to the role, and I look forward to the energy and vision that Ambassador Hammer will now lend to our efforts in the Horn of Africa,” said a statement attributed to Antony J. Blinken, US Secretary of State.

Secretary Binken added that the appointment of Ambassador Mike “underscores our abiding commitment to diplomatic efforts in the region, most urgently in support of an inclusive political process towards peace, common security, and prosperity for all people in Ethiopia.  This Administration remains firmly focused on a cessation of hostilities, unhindered humanitarian access, transparent investigations into violations and human rights abuses by all actors, and a negotiated resolution to the conflict.” AS

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