News: Parliament approves State of Emergency Proclamation, Board of inquiry Commission

MPs voting to approve the State of Emergency for six months. Picture: HoPR

Addis Abeba, November 04/2021 – The first year, 6th round, 1st regular session of the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HoPR), has today approved the State of Emergency proclamation forwarded by the Council of Ministers on November 02. (Please see the full provision of the proclamation here).

According to a statement from the HoPR, Tesfaye Beljige, the Chief Government whip, made a brief statement on the importance and content of the draft proclamation. MP Tesfaye explained to the members of the parliament that the proclamation was needed because it was difficult to deal with the current threats to the country’s survival through the regular law enforcement system.

He added that declaring and implementing the state of emergency is necessary to reverse the existing threat. The State of Emergency proclamation will be implemented throughout Ethiopia and is approved to last for the next six months.

After deliberating on the importance of the proclamation and the steps to be taken, the House of Representatives have unanimously approved the draft proclamation to be known as Proclamation No. 1264/2021 in accordance with the powers vested in the House by Article 93/1/a of the Constitution, HoPR said. In addition, House members have discussed a proposal for the appointment of a Board of Inquiry Commission tasked to oversee the implementation of the State of Emergency and have unanimously approved a team seven individuals. Accordingly, the Board of Inquiry Commission will consist of:

1. MP Lemma Tesema ————-Chairman of the Board

2. MP Workessu Mamo ———– Vice-Chair of the Board

3. MP Solomon Lale ————-Member of the Board 4.

MP Bifti Mohammed ———–Member of the Board

5. MP Christian Tadele ———Member of the Board

6. Mitiku Mada —————–Member of the Board

7. Gemechu Beshada ————-Member of the Board

The members of the Bord were sworn in by the President of the Federal Supreme Court, Meaza Ashenafi, HoPR said. AS

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