#ASDailyScoop: Ministry of Finance submits 122 b birr additional budget request to Council of Ministers

Addis Abeba - The Ministry of Fiance said it has submitted a request for an additional 122 billion birr budget to the Council of Ministers. The budget is prepared by the Ministry. 

According to a statement from the Ministry, the additional budget will be used for national security, humanitarian assistance, rehabilitation of war and conflict victims, and other necessary government functions. 

“The additional budget was needed owing to increased expenses because of the war in the northern part of the country, challenges facing the government revenue collection to meet current demand for expenditure, and the difficulties to respond to additional expenses using budget shifts” the statement said. 

The additional budget request will go into direct implementation as soon as it is discussed and approved by the House of Peoples' Representatives, the Ministry added. 

On December 27, the Ministry announced that an additional budget of Five billion ETB was allocated for the rehabilitation of war-affected communities.AS
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