Art and Culture: The 83rd Agew Equestrian Festival underway in Injibara, Amhara region

Partial view of the ongoing Agew Equestrian Festival. Pictures: Awi Communication Bureau

Addis Abeba – The colorful celebration marking the 83rd anniversary of the foundation of Agew Equestrian Association is underway in Awi Zone, Injibara city, Awi Zone of the Amhara regional state.

The celebration is being attended by federal and state officials, artists, community members and invited guests, according to the Awi zone communication office. This year’s festival is being celebrated under the motto “Amrach, Zemach Agew Equestrian Association.”

Agew Equestrian Association festival is celebrated every year by the Awi community administration to commemorate the victory of the Agew cavalry in defeating the Italian invasion during the Adwa victory.

The Association was founded in 1940 with less than 30 members at the time. Currently it has more than 60, 000 members.

Recently, the Amhara regional state tourism bureau said that efforts were underway to register the Festival with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as intangible heritage. AS

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