#ASDailyScoop: Amid soaring cost of living Addis City Admin extends restriction on house rent increase, evictions by three more months

Merkato, Africa’s biggest open market, in Addis Abeba. Picture: @Addisstandard/Archive

Addis Abeba – Amid soaring cost of living affecting millions of economically disadvantaged residents of the city, Addis Abeba City Administration said it was extending its earlier decision restricting house owners from increasing house rent fees on tenants and evictions of tenants by three more months.

The City Administration said that it has already issued a regulation extending the time frame limiting the increase in rent and evictions of tenants taking into account the demands of city residents and the national situation for three more months.

The City Administration is extending the regulation for additional three months to relief citizens from various pressures, it said. Accordingly, the Administration announced today that evicting tenants and raising rents for the next three months is prohibited.

Furthermore, the City Administration said that it was working with city residents to alleviate the high cost of living the city. Accordingly, it has provided over one billion birr in loans to consumer cooperatives, and has expanded malls and implemented the expansion of Sunday markets in 16 locations. This has enabled producers and consumers to communicate directly and trade over 120 million birr in the past 19 weeks.

With an allocation of two billion birr from the City Administration, more than 628,000 students are enrolled in school feeding programs twice a day and were provided with school uniforms, the statement said.

With regards to feeding centers for economically disadvantaged residents of the city, the Administration said that it has built six feeding centers accommodating 12,000 residents of the city to get meal once a day.

It also said that it has allocated more than 818 million birr subsidy for Sheger Bakery, enabling the Bakery to distribute 1.5 million bread per day. Between 2021 and 2022, 47.8 million liters of cooking oil was made available at a subsidized price,and more than 2 billion birr was allocated annually to subsidized city bus, Sheger transport and other transport buses services as part of the city Administration’s efforts to reduce the cost of living on the economically disadvantages residents of the city, according to the statement. AS

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