#ASDailyScoop: Operation Rescue center in Tigray receives school children to use its facilities

Children collecting grass at Operation Rescue project center in Tigray. Location undisclosed; picture: ORE

Addis Abeba – Operation Rescue Childcare Project Ethiopia office said one of its centers in Tigray has received children from grade 1-6 to get “all the facilities and lunch as usual.”

“The children from ORE are coming to the center to get all the facilities and lunch as usual. It is a big Joy to see the children eating, learning and playing” Operation Rescue said in a statement released via twitter. “Without your generosity and continuous prayers, this wouldn’t happen.”

Founded in 2000, Operation Rescue works in Ethiopia, Brazil and India ‘for the well-being and development of orphaned and extremely poor children using a non-institutionalized, community based care approach” in which the children live with their extended family relatives or with members of the community. Children being supported by charity organization attend their respective local schools for half day and spend half at the project center when they receive “hot meal, tutorial classes, sports, computer classes, swimming, music, dance and help with homework.”

Children receiving meal at Operation Rescue Project center in Tigray. Picture: ORE

Civil war leaves millions out of school

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) estimates that more than 2.8 million children missed out on their education last year in Afar, Amhara and Tigray.

The latest humanitarian dispatch from the UNOCHA shows a massive gap in reconstruction and rehabilitation of schools damaged by the war. According to the data, there are 4,107 schools in Amhara (25 per cent completely damaged), affecting more than 1.8 million children; and at least 200 schools in Afar damaged, affecting more than 150,000 students; and more than 1,000 schools damaged or looted in Tigray, affecting an estimated 160,000 students.

Currently, “23,226 pre-primary and primary school children, including 11,156 girls, in Eastern Zone received learning materials. And 13,678 children, including 6,928 girls, in Mekelle, Adigrat, Shire, Mai Tsebri and Axum IDP sites aged 9-14 are enrolled in alternative learning program classes. Across these sites, 2,941 children, including 1,382 girls, aged 5-7 are in Accelerated School Readiness (ASR) and Early Childhood Development (ECD) classes.”

However, 77 schools in Tigray state alone are being used to accommodate internally displaced persons (IDPs), the UN said. AS

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