#ASDailyScoop: Report says conflict events in Ethiopia climbed by 161% in 2021

Addis Abeba – The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) documented several conflict scenarios across Ethiopia in its recent report “10 Conflicts to Worry About in 2022” which revealed that conflict events in Ethiopia increased by 161% in the year 2021. This marks the country’s most violent years, ACLED said. 

“In Ethiopia, we warned that the capacity of the state would be too stretched to contend with its myriad threats: this was evident as the TPLF/TDF and OLA insurgents threatened larger parts of the country throughout the year,” the report read. The report further recalled that Ethiopian government forces, with regional militias, turned back the rebel advancement but warned that many battles lie ahead as the country forges a path that will likely entrench divisions in the short term.

ACLED described the conflicts as a failure of political agents, systems, and identities to create and sustain stability and to address threats. “They further expose how the international community lacks the tools, cohesion, and approach to address the world’s longest and deadliest conflicts,” the report said.    

Each year, ACLED identifies 10 conflicts or crisis situations around the world that are likely to worsen or evolve in the coming months. The 10 cases identified in the report are not just hotspots, according to ACLED but represent areas of new directions and patterns of violence, and where there have been major shifts in conflict dynamics. 

Find the full report here.  

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