#ASDailyScoop: Somali region cabinet approves names of months written in Somali language

Somali region cabinet members voting to adopt name of months in Af-Somali. Photo: Somali Fast Info.

Addis Abeba – The Somali regional state government cabinet has approved names of the 12 months written in Af-Somali (Somali language), the region’s official working language.

Accordingly, the newly adopted names of the 12 months written in Somali language will be used across all schools & government organizations throughout the region, according to regional media.

The decision, which is hailed as a significant step in the development of the Somali language, was made after deliberating on a study conducted by scholars from and outside the region on Af-Somali equivalent names days, months and years.

So far, the regional state was using English names of months for its official correspondences.

The following are the name of months in Af-Somali and their corresponding translations in English:

Dharabley – January

Cirir – February

Cuur – March

Duugato – April

Miicaad – May

Agaali – June

Afagaal – July

Naaf – August

Koodxin – September

Dirir – October

Gudba – November

Xoorrey – December

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