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Dear Editor,

 Horn of Africa has a remarkable potential in agriculture that will possibly fill looming worldwide food crises. The UN has to devote and facilitate its programs designed to feed the universe as its major challenges in the 21st century. Ethiopia, the largest and notably the most prosperous state in the Horn of Africa, has ample scope in varied sectors to empower FDI especially in agro and allied industries. Focusing on services and real estate business pose a major threat; it may demise the potential of agriculture. In recent years natural calamities such as land erosions are becoming common (and unbearable) phenomena in most parts of rural Ethiopia while inflation has put an immeasurable financial stress upon the people in urban areas. 

Dear Editor,

Your story on the election for chairmanship of the AUC deserves my appreciation (The AUC and its election ruin, February 2012).

It is true that South Africa’s sudden involvement in the affairs of the election had caused more damages to the AUC in particular and to the continent in general than many of us would like to admit at this point in time. Your story sheds some lights and tried to show the major concerns facing the continent following this unfortunate event at the AUC. But I was disappointed to find it thinner in its area of coverage than I would have liked it to be. Hence I would like to add a few more points to highlight a few other possible motives for President Jacob Zuma to push through the candidacy of SA’s Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma for the Chairperson of the AUC.