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Harry Anagnostaras-Adams, chairman for KEFI (left end), Abera Mamo, country director for TKGM (second to the left), and Ciaran Quinn, finance director for PW Mining (first from right) signing the Final Umbrella Agreement. Photo: Ethiopian Investment Commission Addis Ababa - Tulu Kapi Gold Mines

Kalifa and Rashid were among the hundreds of Ethiopian returnees who were assisted by IOM to safely return to their hometowns. Photo: IOM Addis Abeba - When a smuggler promised 12-year-old Kalifa Rashid a well-paying job as a camel herder abroad, he left his hometown in

Migrants walk on the road that connects Garowe to Bosaso, March 2023. Photo: IOM Addis Abeba - Eleven Ethiopian migrants were killed in a car accident this week in Bosaso, Somalia, while being transported by smugglers; at least 20 other have been injured in the deadly