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Tigray Interim Administration

Desert locusts have affected three zones in the Tigray region, devastatingly affecting 80% of agricultural production in certain areas (Photo: focusonafrica.info) Addis Abeba – The Tigray interim administration has announced that desert locusts have affected three zones in the Tigray region, namely the eastern, southeastern, and southern parts.

Getachew Reda, president of Interim Government of Tigray (Photo: Tigray Television) Addis Abeba – The interim administration of Tigray has denied allegations from "extremist armed groups" and their supporters, both within and outside the country, that Tigray forces have been involved in the ongoing military conflict in the

Illustration: Addis Standard By Mihret G/kristos @MercyG_kirstos Addis Abeba – In the heart of Central Tigray, just 95 kilometers away from the city of Mekelle, the regional capital of Tigray, Abeba Weldegebreal, 38, a resilient individual and mother of five children found solace in the Abiy Addi Internally Displaced