Culture News: First ever catwalk showcasing Oromo traditional clothes, accessories due tomorrow

Model Bilisuma Assefa showcasing one of the diverse Oromo traditional clothes ready to be featured at the Gada Fashion Night

Hayalnesh Gezahegn

Addis Abeba, April 19/2019 – The first ever fashion show featuring Oromo traditional clothes and accessories is due to be held on Saturday April 20 at Hyatt Regency luxury hotel in Addis Abeba, model Bilisuma Assefa, organizer of the show, told Addis Standard in an interview.

Named Gada Fashion Night, the fashion show will feature the works of nine clothes and one accessories designers, and will participate 20 models, Bilisuma said. “I wanted to organize this event to showcase the rich diversity of Oromo traditional clothes and accessories.”

Gada Fashion Night will be open to more than 300 invited guests, Bilisuma said, adding that beyond the runway display the project is aimed at “empowering and inspiring new and upcoming designers to look into and incorporate in their works all sides of Ethiopia’s rich cultural diversity.”

She further said that she planned the project to be held every year. “As of next year, the Geda Fashion Night will begin featuring cultural clothes and accessories from various parts of Ethiopia with a focus on “cultural clothes and accessories that had had less chances of being featured in Ethiopia’s mainstream fashion industry.” AS

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