Feature: Ethiopian plastic surgeon earns praise by Kenyan hospital

Dr. Medhanit Demeke Feyissa, Ethiopian plastic surgeon, in her first year serving at Tenwek Hospital.

Dr. Medhanit Demeke Feyissa, Ethiopian plastic surgeon, earns praise for her performance of a 6-hour surgery in Kenya’s Tenwek hospital.

A boy with a shattered face was brought to the hospital after a motorcycle accident. Her team and Dr. Medhanit performed a 6-hour maxillofacial surgery, successfully reconstructing the boy’s face.

“Her dedication and skills have made a positive impact on the lives of many patients,” said a statement posted on Facebook by the hospital.

Dr. Medhanit is in her first year serving at Tenwek Hospital, is married to a cardiothoracic fellow who works there, and is expecting her first child. With her expertise in remodeling and reconstructing soft tissues, she works hand in hand with other departments like orthopedics, general surgery, and neurosurgery, both for pediatrics and adults.

“Dr. Medhanit’s passion for her work and the welcoming environment at Tenwek Hospital has brought her peace amidst the challenges of being a doctor. Her multifaceted personality shines through her love for both medicine and the arts,” said the statement. “Her dedication to serving patients at Tenwek Hospital is genuinely admirable, and her positive impact on the community is felt every day.”

Established in 1937 and located in Bomet County, Kenya, Tenwek Hospital is a Christian community-based Teaching and Referral Mission Hospital of the Africa Gospel Church work in collaboration with the World Gospel Mission.

Several Ethiopian surgeons have attended their residency training at the Tenwek hospital through the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) scholarship programme. AS

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