Innovation: Nine Uni students represent Ethiopia in 7th Huawei ICT competition Global Final in China

Addis Abeba – Following the completion of various national and regional contests, nine talented university students from Ethiopia have the opportunity to represent their country in the 7th Huawei ICT Competition 2022–2023 Global Final in China.

The students were selected based on their outstanding performance in various national and regional contests, and they got the chance to showcase their skills and knowledge on a global stage.

Huawei prepared a farewell ceremony to motivate them before their journey. Dr Samuel Kifle, State Minister of Education, and Kaleab Mezgebu, CEO and founder of Minab ICT Solutions and Hahujobs, both attended the ceremony.

During the ceremony Dr. Samuel stated that having International experience for young students is advantageous. ” This is an amazing opportunity for you to showcase your skills and talents, and to network with other students from around the world. I know that you have all worked hard to get to this point, and I am confident that you will all do great things.” He also stated that “You are representing Ethiopia on the world stage, and you should be proud of yourself and work hard to be a pride of this great nation”. The state minister also encourages them saying “The ICT industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and there is a huge demand for skilled ICT professionals. This competition is a great way to show your potential, skills, and knowledge; hence, team up for great output.”

On behalf of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Samuel also thanked Huawei for the international opportunity. He also promised to the students to welcome them in his office. “when you return with all your great accomplishments I will greet you in my office”.

For his part, Kaleab recognized Huawei for the opportunity, ” For this rare opportunity, I would like to thank Huawei for their time, resources, and dedication. Also, for providing the global experience.” Dear Students, you are lucky to get this chance at this age; you need to discover the global ICT world and be an eyes breaker for your successors.” The young entrepreneur also mentioned that “You triumphed among many countries and students, so you must capitalize on this opportunity by assisting and appreciating one another. I wish for you to be among the victors, and I hope you will be.”

According to Mr. Liming Ye, Huawei PR director, Huawei launched this ICT competition to provide a forum for global citizens like those students to communicate, display their abilities, develop their talents, and benefit from the worldwide experience. Liming said “I hope that after ICT competition and University graduation, you will join us and contribute even more to this great nation.”

He also promised that the company will continue to support and dedicate itself to Ethiopian education through a variety of programs.

University of Gonder, Wachemo, Addis Abeba Science and Technology, Adama Science and Technology, and Addis Abeba Universities are represented by nine students. Two teams of three will participate in the practical track (which encompasses datacom, security, WLAN, big data, storage, AI, OpenEuler, and OpenGauss) and one team in the innovation track. In the innovation track, students compete with their own invention ideas, with the title “Geez Character Classifier” as the title of their innovation.

The Huawei ICT Competition aims to drive the development of high-quality ICT talent, select qualified talent for the industry, continuously provide future driving forces and active participants for digital transformation, promote efficient mapping of talent supply and demand, and further contribute to a sustainable talent ecosystem.

Before embarking on their journey to China, Huawei prepared a special farewell ceremony to motivate and encourage these young students. “It was an inspiring moment that demonstrated the power of education and the potential of young people to make a positive impact on the world,” the organizers said. AS

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