News: 38 killed, ten injured when a bus derailed off five meter cliff in Legambo, south Wello



Addis Abeba, March 13/2008 – 38 people were killed yesterday in a tragic traffic accident in Legambo wereda, South Wollo Zone in Amhara regional state, when the bus they were traveling in tumbled off a cliff, according  to the Amhara mass media agency. Lagambo is located some 482 Km north of the capital Addis Abeba.


The bus was carrying a total of 48 passengers, the mass media agency said. Ten of the passengers have sustained serious and light injuries. The bus tumbled off a five meter cliff in the specific area called Genete Selam Ber, Kebele 07, in Legambo.

Of the 38 killed in this tragic accident, 28 are male, and 10 are female. Most of them were university students, according to Legambo wereda communication bureau. The 10 who were injured are receiving medical treatment at Hidar 11 hospital in the Akesta town. It is not clear what caused the bus to derail off the cliff. AS

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