News: Abba Geda Gobana Hola accuses government security forces of death threat, looting and detaining his son in an overnight raid

Gobana Hola, Abba Geda of the Tulama Oromo, Photo: BBC Afaan Oromoo

By Getahun Legesse @Birmaduu2

Addis Abeba- Gobana Hola, Abba Geda of the Tulama Oromo, and secretary of the Oromo Gedaa Leaders’ Council, says government security forces broke into his house around midnight last night, threatened to kill him and looted his properties; he also said security forces detained his son, Badhane Gobana, an engineer by profession during the overnight raid.

The top Abba Geda, who resides in Meki town, in East Shawa zone of Oromia regional state, told Addis Standard that government security forces searched his house from 11:00PM to 6:00 AM local time, and and took 200, 000 birr along with other pieces of jewellery from his residence.

According to him, the security forces’ acted on the suspicion that one of his sons, Adugna Gobena, is a member and leader of a rebel group, Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), which is operating in the East Shawa zone. He says the security forces have no proof, and added that he knew his son Adugna went to Kenya four years ago.

“He told us he arrived in Kenya [four years ago]; after that we never heard from him and we don’t know his whereabouts. They say [security forces] he joined OLA and leading the group operating in East Shewa zone but there is no evidence,” he noted.

Abba Geda Gobana further described how the night unfolded when security forces raided his residence: “Oromia police and members of the Ethiopian National Defense force encircled my house around midnight. They broke into my house and took 200, 000 birr that belonged to my wife, two smartphones and all her gold jewellery, and mine as well. They then confiscated my firearms, as well as a firearm provided to me by the government. They have physically assaulted my [security] guard”.

After that security forces detained his other son Badhane Gobana who also lives in Meki town.

When contacted for comments, the East Shewa Police told Addis Standard that they have no information on the matter.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has previously reported the intimidation, harassment and arrest of families under the allegation of their family members joining or supporting OLA in May 2021. According to the report the arrest included pregnant, lactating women and other family members who were requested to hand over the family members who have allegedly joined the OLA. AS

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