News Alert: Amhara region President warns fed. gov’t to seek solution to stop Amhara killings, wants emergency meeting

Agegnehu Teshager, President of Amhara Regional State. Picture: AMMA

Addis Abeba, April 01/2021 – Agegnehu Teshager, President of Amhara Regional State, has issued a stern messgae warning the federal governemnt to seek “immediate solution” to stop the killings of Amharas; he also said the region wants emergency meeting on the matter.

The President’s remarks came in the wake of war of words between officials of Amhara and Oromia regional states following the latest attack on civilians in West Wollaga Zone, Babo Genbel Woreda, Bone Kebelle of Oromia regional state. Both regions issued contradictory accounts of circumstances surrounding the latest bout of attack.

President Agegnehu blamed the “OLF/Shene” and said that the region and the federal governments were working together; he also aknowldged that federal forces were paying sacrifices. He adds “OLF/Shene rebles are now present in Ahmara region” and rebuked what he said was “some who are telling us what to say and what to write on the presence” of the rebels, which he said was “inappropriate.”

The problem is worthening from time to time and that the regional state was tired of issuing condolences and wants to have lasting solution, emergency consultation and dialogue, he said. “There could be political differences on the nature of state building, but that should not result in the death of children and mothers.”

He said the people of Ethiopia should stand in unison for Amharas being killed because of who they are, so too the people of Amhara region, artists, social influencers.

This morning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed issued a statement condeming yesterday’s attacks and said that “retaliatory measures” against the perpetrators were underway both by regional and federal security forces in all areas where such attacks are taking place. The PM called on the people of Ethiopia to cooperate with security forces and vowed “we shall stand in union to defeat Ethiopia’s enemies and make sure that they do not rise again.”

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