News Alert: Families say Journalist Abebe Bayu in Awash Arba; journalist Yayesew still missing

Journalists Yayesew Shimelis and Abebe Bayu.

By Mahlet Fasil @MahletFasil

Addis Abeba – The families of Journalist Abebe Bayu, the YouTube based “Ethio Forum” media, said they were told by freed detainees that he is in Awash Arba, located in the Afar Regional state.

Abebe’s close family member told Addis Standard that his whereabouts was unknown since Friday 01 July after around 10 PM local time when security forces in plain clothes took him from his residence. Now they received information from freed detainees that he was held in Awash Arba.

Abebe was one of several journalists who was detained for months without charges and released by Awash Fentale District Court in Afar regional state, on 5,000 ETB bail. Abebe Bayu and Yayesew Shimeles of “Ethio-Forum” were first arrested on 02 July 2021 alongside staff members of Awlo Media, another YouTube based media that has since been closed.

In a similar development, family members of Yayesew Shimelis told Addis Standard today that they were still not able to trace the whereabouts of Yayesew after he was detained, again, on 28 June.

On 20 June Yayesew was released on 10, 000 birr bail from police custody after he was detained on 26 May. AS

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