Medihane Ekubamichael

By Mahlet Fasil @MahletFasil

Addis Abeba, November 10/2020 – The police on duty at Addis Abeba police station have this afternoon rearrested Medihane Ekubamichael, product editor at Addis Standard publication.

Medihane was first detained on Saturday November 07 by members of the city’s police and take to undisclosed location. He was later on detained at Addis Abeba police in Piassa. The police brought Medihane on November 09 to the federal first instance court where they were granted 14 days to remand and investigate him. The police initially accused Medihane of attempts to dismantle the constitution through violence,” and “outrage against the constitution.” Later on the same day, he was released with only having to show an ID card.

However, the police on duty told him that he should return today (November 10) to take his personal belongings, including his passport which was confiscated from Medihane’s residence without a court warrant.

Medihane went back to the station this afternoon but was rearrested instead.

A defense lawyer assigned by JAKENN Publishing PLC to represent Medihane was told by the police on duty that Medihane was detained with the Addis Abeba police “only for temporary keeping” and that his real custody belongs “to the federal police.”

“His rearrest is the epitome of the flaunting of law and order by the same forces who are supposed to protect innocent civilians; Jakenn Publishing PLC is closely following his case and will pursue all legal avenues to secure his release,” said Tsedale Lemma, the editor-in-chief of Addis Standard publication. AS

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