News: Amhara State President requests Russia’s support to rehabilitate war-torn region

Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Evgeny Terekhin meets Amhara State President Yilkal Kefale (PhD). Pictures: AMC

Addis Abeba – President Yilkal Kefale (PhD) has called on Russia to support efforts to rehabilitate war-torn Amhara region, regional media reported.

The President made the remarks during a visit to Bahir Dar, the capital of Amhara regional state, by the Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Evgeny Terekhin on 21 March. During the visit, the two held talks with on a range of issues including the need to rehabilitate war-torn communities and work together on higher education and urban development projects in the region.

The report quoted Ambassador Evgeny as saying that he was aware of the devastation caused by the war and the plight of communities in the region. “We are ready to work with the region to overcome this problem,” he was quoted as saying, adding that Russia will work with higher education institutions in Amhara State on human resource development. The Ambassador also had discussions with officials of Bahir Dar University and agreed to work in the region on urban development.

Furthermore, a discussion was held with Bahir Dar city deputy mayor, Dires Sahlu (PhD), during which the Ambassador pledged Russia’s support to the region on urban development projects.

“Russia is a country that stands by Ethiopia in the face of international challenges,” region’s President Yilkal said, adding that during several sessions held by the United Nations Security Council to “intervene in Ethiopia’s internal affairs” in the wake of the survival war in Ethiopia “Russia has recognized Ethiopia’s truth and stood by us,” he said, and called on Russia to support the rehabilitation of war-torn Amhara region.

The Ambassador promised Russia’s support to work with the Amhara Regional State on any development cooperation, and said that the region can request the support and cooperation it needs. AS

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