News: Amid rising cases of Covid-19, Ministry of Health records Delta variant in Ethiopia

Dr. Lia Tadesse, Minister of Health. Photo: Ministry of Health

 By Getahun Tsegaye @GetahunTsegay12 

Addis Abeba, September 07/2021 – The number of positive cases, deaths and serious cases in Ethiopia has risen sharply in recent weeks,” Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse said in the ministry of health (MoH) weekly press briefing. The minister also disclosed that cases with the Delta variant have been detected in the country. 

State run Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) quoted Dr. Lia as saying, “The new variant is a variant  that will affect people of all ages, leading to serious illness and possible  death, especially those who remain unvaccinated.”

Dr. Lia urged the public to get vaccinated and reminded individuals and institutions to stick to covid-19 prevention protocols. According to the press briefing, in Ethiopia last week alone, 8,300 people were infected with the virus, while a total of 313,000 people have tested positive so far. She said that 4,700 people have died as a result of the epidemic

MoH reported that the surge of COVID-19 resulted in an increase of infection rate from 1% to 20% and last week only 128 people died as a result of the Covid .

The recent development confirms concerns raised by health centers, health care professionals and even the ministry of health about the arrival of the Delta variant and the lack of preparedness in the country to deal with it.

According to the CDC, the Delta variant is “more infectious and [is] leading to increased transmissibility when compared with other variants, even in some vaccinated individuals.” AS

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