News: Armed attack on police station in Bishoftu city kills four police officers

Bishoftu City (Photo: Bishoftu Communications/Facebook)

By Abdi Biyenssa @ABiyenssa

Addis Abeba – An armed attack on a police station in the Chalalaka sub-city of Bishoftu City in East Shoa zone of Oromia region left four policemen dead, an official confirmed to Addis Standard.

The attack was carried out by unidentified armed men on Saturday, 14 May according to Dejene Bajiro, head of communications office of the city.

“This attack was carried out at midnight, by unidentified gunmen on a police station in Cheleleka, sub-city. Four policemen guarding the police station were killed in the attack,” Dejene said.

According to the official, “the identity of the group is unknown, but the attempt was to release prisoners in the police station, who are under the custody of the law”.

“The armed group involved in the shooting, which lasted for a few minutes, could be robbers or bandits,” Dejene said, adding that the police are still investigating to determine the identity of the group.

A Youtube based pro-Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) media called Arraata Biyyoolessa Oromiyaa however, reported that the attack in Bishoftu was carried out by members of the OLA, and three security personnel and seven soldiers were killed during the attack. The report was shared on a Telegram channel that is linked to the official twitter account of Odaa Tarbii, spokesperson for the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).

The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) said on 09 May, that it repelled government forces’ offensives in West and East Shoa zones days after the first round of talks between representatives of the group and the government was concluded without an agreement.

The group accused the government of speaking “language of peace for the international community while pursuing aggressive military actions on the ground”. AS

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