News: Army at level of readiness “to repel any attack from inside, outside”: ENDF

Picture: ENDF

Addis Abeba – Quoting the army commanders of various corps as saying, the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) said “the army is at a level of readiness where it can repel any attack from inside or outside.”

According to a dispatch posted on the ENDF’s Facebook page this morning, different commanders of the army corps, who were present in the Western military front, were able to confirm that the military capability of the army, which was created through constant training, is at a reliable military shape to repel “any attack from inside and outside.”

The commanders the army corps also said that the “army’s moral and psychological preparedness is stronger than ever” and that the army was built “with Ethiopia and Ethiopia only in mind.”

Similarly, citing the commander-in-chief of the Eastern division of the army, ENDF said on Monday that “the morale and psychological readiness of the army has improved more than ever before.”

The Commander-in-Chief was quoted as as saying this “while inspecting the preparedness of the army” where he also said that the army has built the morale and psychological capacity that will enable it “to destroy any enemy force that tries to destabilize the peace of our country,” further adding that Ethiopia, which is striving to become prosperous through the sacrifices and struggles of its brave children, has created the ability to vigilantly safeguard itself “against our external and internal enemies more than ever before.”

“Through observation, the Commander-in-Chief confirmed that the regiment was carrying out its mission reliably and by keeping a watchful eye on the duty zone where it was deployed,” the ENDF dispatch said.

On Tuesday 23 August, the army has strongly warned media and social media outlets against reporting “our army’s current affairs” using “unverified, unnecessary information and rumors” and called for the immediate cessation of such reporting.

It also warned that “reporting on the activities of the enemy without enough information will disrupt the daily lives of our people” and blamed those that are reporting on the military activities regarding the existence of war in the country taking it as income generation means on social media. Such reporting also undermine the security forces, the ENDF said. AS

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