News: Congress for Somali Cause firmly urges PM Abiy Ahmed to recant his statement on “Karamara Victory”

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Mustafa Muhumed, president of Somali Regional State, at the the launching ceremony of his third book ‘Generation Medemer’

Addis Abeba: The Congress for Somali Cause (CSC) has urged Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to recant his statement in which he mentioned “Karamara Victory” during the launching ceremony of his third book ‘Generation Medemer’ on March 18, 2023.

According to a statement by the congress, Karamara is not a place of victory over Somalis or a site of celebration, instead, it is remembered as the “tragic execution” of Somali notables in Jigjiga, including Sultan Dheeg Heebaan, Sultan Ali Hussein, Sultan Odowaa, Ugaas Rooble Doodi, Mohmed Yusuf Qiiq, and 80 others.

The Congress has fiercely censured the statement and insisted that PM Abiy should apologize for any offense he may have caused labeling his statement as offending and insensitive as it ignores the “tragic history” of Karamara and attempts to further denigrate and humiliate Somalis in Ethiopia.

“The congress sees the Prime Minister’s action as a deliberate attempt to erase Somali history in the region and promote a version of Karamarda that Somalis reject. Not only has he offended Somalis, but he has also publicly humiliated the entire leadership of the region who are his subordinates, primarily the President of the region, whose humiliation was evident on his face,” reads the statement.

The Somalis played a crucial role in the ultimate demise of the Derg and are entitled to write their own history in their own feelings, the congress emphasized, further reiterating its commitment “to preserving and protecting Somali history and will continue to fight against any attempt to erase it.” AS

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