News: Despite health caution from doctors, opposition politician Lidetu Ayalew denied travel again; his passport confiscated

Lidetu Ayalew. Picture: ARTS TV

By Mahlet Fasil @MahletFasil 

Addis Abeba, April 16, 2021 –  Founder and leader of the opposition Ethiopian Democratic Party Lidetu Ayalew was again banned from travelling to the United States. Yesterday, Lidetu was returned from the Ethiopian Airlines airport where he was told that the court orders banned from traveling.  

Earlier in March, Lidetu was prevented from leaving the country despite showing the evidence of acquittal by the court. Lidetu was facing charges related to attempting to dismantle the constitutional order by force until Oromia Supreme Court, East Shewa Permanent Bench freed him mid March. 

Addis Standard received Lidetu’s medical report dated October 2020 through the Ethiopian Diaspora Human Rights Advocacy Group. In the letter, the doctor warned of the potential of a life threatening episode if treatment was not provided as soon as possible. In his previous attempt to travel to the U.S, a month ago he was told that he cannot leave the country because of ‘orders that came from the top.’

Lidetu’s lawyer, Mohamed Jima told Addis Standard that this time it is the immigration authority that banned his travel. “He was returned from the final checkpoint after receiving a boarding pass and sent his luggage through. But he was forced to return and his passport was confiscated,” concluded Mohammed. AS

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