News: Dire Dawa City Admin refutes reports of referendum to decide on city’s future

Dire Dawa city old railway station gate. Photo: City Administration

Addis Abeba – Dire Dawa City Administration has refuted media reports that referendum is due to be held to decide whether the city should incorporated to either Somali or Oromia regions.

A statement by Dire Dawa Communication Bureau said the idea to hold referendum to decide the future of the city was only put forward by one parliamentarian on the first special joint meeting of the House of People’s Representatives and House of Federation, and has not been neither discussed or supported by the leadership of the city administration.

“The top leadership of the administration has paid attention to the wrongly misinterpreted and reported issue of referendum” the statement said, adding that, the city administrations priority is to see through, an amendment of the city’s governing charter, which plays a key role in ensuring the prosperity of Dire Dawa, and is pending approval by the House of People’s Representatives.

The statement said despite its own advantages, the charter governing Dire Dawa for more than two decades, has problems that jeopardized the city’s development efforts.

The city’s administration appealed to the residents and development partners of the city to understand accordingly and continue to contribute more than ever to the development of the city.

Dire Dawa is chartered city that has been administered by parties ruling the Oromia and Somali regions who have agreed to lead the city in a rotating term under proclamation number 416/1996. AS

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