News: East Showa zone reports burning of ambulance vehicle en route to Adama from Hararghe zone: accuses ‘Amhara extremists’

Photo: East Showa zone communication bureau

Addis Abeba – The East Showa zone administration stated that an ambulance vehicle was burnt down by ‘extremist Amhara forces’ calling themselves ‘Fano’. The ambulance with a total of four passengers was en route from Gursum woreda of the East Hararghe zone to Adama on the 19th of April, 2022, the East Showa zone communications bureau said. 

The bureau on its Facebook page detailed that event had unfolded at 5 AM local time in the locality of Qawa, Boset Woreda in the zone whereby the aforementioned forces burnt the ambulance vehicle, putting it out of use, and causing minor injuries on two out of the four passengers. The communications bureau did not disclose further details on the victims other than the fact that they were taken to Adama hospital. The administrator of the zone, Ababu Waqo was not available for comments. 

The bureau also mentioned that these ‘extremist forces’ armed with ‘large weaponry’ are responsible for the killings, and robberies that have been occurring over time. These actions have been a hindrance to peace and development, it adds. 

This comes in the backdrop of continued accusations against ‘Amhara extremist groups’ over the last several weeks. The Oromia regional state issued a stern warning against what it called “extremist forces operating in the name of Amhara” who are “the main enemies of the Amhara and Ethiopian nations and nationalities.” 

The East Showa zone has been a breeding ground for such allegations after the clashes between armed groups from the Minjar Shenkora woreda of North Shewa zone, Amhara regional state, and local militia in the bordering Fentalle woreda, East Shewa zone resulted in the death of at least 26 and injury of several local militias and members of Oromia police, including the militia commander, Abdisa Ifa. 

The same armed groups were also implicated in a recent incident where seven trucks allegedly carrying minerals from Tututi kebele in Fentalle woreda of the East Showa zone were seized on their way to the Afar region. AS   

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