News: Electoral Board yet to decide on the request by OLF, ONLF, SLM to postpone general assembly

Addis Abeba – The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) yesterday announced that three parties – Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), and  Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM) requested for additional days to hold their general assemblies. The board stated that it is yet to pass a decision on the request.

In a statement issued last night, the NEBE recalled its February 16 announcement for a total of 26 political parties to convene the general assembly in one month. A day after the House of People’s Representatives (HoPR) lifted the state of emergency, the NEBE called on 13 national and 13 regional parties to convene a general assembly and make necessary amendments to documents. 

The parties however complained that they may not be able to convene their general assemblies in the said period citing security threats and the imprisonment of their members. At a conference, the electoral board held with political parties, the chairperson of the board Birtukan Mideksa urged the parties to hold the general assembly within the said period. The chairperson also stated that parties could notify the board of the obstacles they face as they proceed to hold the general assembly. 

Accordingly, the NEBE yesterday issued a list of parties who had convened their general assemblies, those who announced dates for their upcoming assemblies, those who requested additional days to hold their assemblies, and those whose request for additional days is pending. 

Only four parties have so far  convened the assmebly according to the NEBE, and they are the ruling Prosperity Party, Hidase Party, Kafaa Green Party, and Gambella People Liberation Movement. Three other parties; Mocha Demcoraric Party, Argoba Democratic Movement and Amahra Democratic Movement notified the board of the dates of their general assemblies. 

The board listed 12 parties including National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) and Oromo Fedealist Congress (OFC) stating that the board has responded to their request for additional days to hold their assemblies. Accordingly, the parties are set to convene during the remaining days of March until April 16,2022. 

The board however stated that it is yet to make inquires about the request made by the Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), and  Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM). AS

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