News: EPRDF Executive Committee meeting nearing completion; its Council to meet mid next week

Addis Abeba, March 15/2018 – In the first official statement five days after it began its Executive Committee meeting, Shiferaw Shigute, secretariat of the ruling EPRDF and Chairman of the SEPDM, told state affiliated FanaBC that the 36 members Executive Committee meeting so far was a success and that EPRDF’s Council meeting will be held in mid next week. According to him, the 180 members Council will review “the evaluation reports from all parties, & “fill the leadership gap.”
In the five days deliberations so far, only one party hasn’t delivered its report to the ongoing EC meeting, Shiferaw said, but it is not mentioned which of the four parties hasn’t completed delivering its performance report. Shiferaw said this party will deliver its report tomorrow.
However, FanaBC did not mention if Shiferaw Shigute has explained in his interview if the Executive Committee has so far decided on whether or not to extend the EPRDF’s congress meeting. On March 07 Shiferaw said the decision to hold the EPRDF’s congress in August was initially agreed among the member parties and that it would be decided at the Executive Committee meeting.   
“It is my belief that the [EPRDF] congress could be extended until August as central committee of the four member parties of EPRDF had previously decided the congress to be extended by six months,” Shiferaw said on March 07. But today’s statement didn’t mention anything about it, or as of yet.
Also noticeable is the change in the language to describe the expected election of a new Prime Minister and chairman of EPRDF by the Council. On March 07, Shiferaw was quoted as saying “after the end of the Executive Committee’s meeting, the Council of EPRDF will convene to elect chairman of the Organization.”
In today’s statement he is quoted as saying “the Council will meet in the middle of next week and review the evaluation reports. After that it will fill the leadership gap.” AS
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