News: Ethiopia Council of Ministers approves draft bill for extradition, mutual judicial cooperation in criminal matters with Türkiye, UAE

PM Abiy Ahmed. Photo: PMO/Archive

Addis Abeba– The Council of Ministers (CoM) in its 16th regular meeting held today discussed and approved a draft bill on bilateral agreements signed with the governments of the Republic of Türkiye and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the extradition of individuals wanted for crimes and mutual legal cooperation in criminal matters. The draft bill is one of the seven different draft bills discussed and approved by the CoM which were subsequently to be sent to the House of People’s Representatives (HoPR) for deliberations and approval into laws.

According to the the statement, the draft agreement on the extradition of individuals wanted for crimes “creates a legal framework for the bilateral cooperation in extradition of persons wanted for crimes, and have significant importance to ensure the rule of law” in the undersigned countries.

The CoM further said that the agreement on mutual judicial cooperation in criminal matters creates greater framework and importance to exchange information and evidence, as well as prevent organized and cross-border crimes within the undersigned countries. “After a thorough discussion on the proposed bilateral agreements, the council unanimously decided to forward them to the House of Representatives for approval,” the statement said.

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