News: Ethiopian Security, Intelligence task force detains “covert group” suspected of working to “instigate nation-wide conflict”

Detainees for allegedly involved in the establishment of the group. Photo Fana Broadcasting Corporate

Addis Abeba – The Joint Security and Intelligence Task Force in the capital announced that it has detained several members of “covert group” whom it accused of allegedly attempting to “instigate nation-wide conflict by carrying out assaults targeting senior government officials” in Addis Ababa, Bahirdar, Adama, and Dire Dawa.

The joint task force said the group, which consists of academics, media owners, and activists based in Amhara and other regions as well as Addis Abeba, was found to be operating covertly, according to state media.

Among the detained for their alleged contribution and coordination in the group establishment are Dr. Wendesen Assefa, assistant professor Sisay Awgchew, professor Maeregu Biyabeyn, Dr. Meseret, Worku Tesfaye W. Maryam, Tesfaye Yehualashet Fasil, Solomon Lemeneh Ketema, and Menbere.

The statement indicated that the group was suspected of attempting to rally people on the basis of religion, ethnicity, and political radicalism to ensure that they should rule the country by promoting the idea that the public is currently under extreme government oppression; “They were planning to carry out a violent movement, declaring that they would liberate the populace. They were working to plunge the nation once more into crisis.”

The group has been trying to link and organize university students with the local Amhara population in all areas of the Amhara region, Addis Abeba, and all of the country’s colleges, as well as organizing a military wing and frightening the people by attacking government officials, the statement said.

The joint task force pointed out that it will reinforce the coordinated effort in looking into other suspects who were active in the organization of the group. AS

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