News: Ezema MPs call PM Abiy to appear in Parliament, answer questions on ongoing war in northern Ethiopia

PM Abiy Ahmed responding to questions from members of parliament during his last appearance on Oct. 06/2021/ Picture: HoPR

By Getahun Tsegaye @GetahunTsegay12

Addis Abeba, October 26/2021 Four members of the Ethiopian Social Justice Party (Ezema) who recently joined the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HoPR) called on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to appear in parliament to answer to their questions regarding the ongoing ‘war for survival’ in the northern Ethiopia.

These members of the parliament, in a letter dated October 22, 2021, and submitted to the Speaker of the HoPR, recalled the withdrawal of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) from the Tigray region and the escalation of the conflict that spilled over to Amhara region now threatening the people living in South Wollo. 

In the letter, the PM was asked to give details on when the federal government plans to end the ongoing war in northern Ethiopia and what is expected from opposition parties to implement the plan. The party also asked how long will it take for the people in the conflict areas to return to normalcy. The letter noted a gap in the flow of information related to the war, criticizing the government for failing to centralize the provision of information dispatches related to the war. The party inquired if there were any efforts by the government to control misinformation published on different social media platforms. 

The four members of parliament also raised questions about what would be a “permanent solution” to the war which they referred to as as “national existential threat” and demanded an explanation from the PM on how the government plans to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.They wrote in their letter that they understood that efforts were being made to “prevent and contain” the war.   

It is not confirmed yet when the PM will appear in parliament and respond to the questions raised by the parliament members hailing from the opposition party. Addis Standard’s repeated attempts to get a hold of the Speaker of the House for comments were not successful. AS

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