News: Fed., regional states police commissioners joint emergency meeting discuss use of media, political parties to fuel incitement

Federal and regional police commissioner joint emergency meeting. Picture: Federal Police

Addis Abeba – The federal police commission said a joint emergency meeting between the federal and and regional states police commissioners was held on Friday at the Ethiopian Federal Police Headquarters. The meeting “focused on current national security issues,” the federal police said.

The police commissioners discussed in details topics related to the current national security, during which participants raised current issues including the use of media and other means of communication to impede ongoing attempts by security forces to curb “terrorism, extremism and anti-theft measures”, as well as using human rights issues by media as “cover up” to “incite students and to create violence in some schools and universities” as well as in various parts of the country.

The joint emergency meeting also raised and discussed issues related to “some political parties that are legally registered and operating are using this as a cover and are heading towards the path of destruction,” which the joint meeting “confirmed”, according to the statement released by the Federal Police. But the statement did not mention which media and political parties are the joint meeting participants accused.

The meeting ended with an assurance that “the security force will pay attention to uphold the rule of law in a coordinated manner.” AS

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