News: Finnish company powers Ethiopia’s new weather radar network with solar energy

Addis Abeba – Vaisala,a Finnish company that specialized in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements powered Ethiopia’s new weather radar network with solar energy. “Utilizing clean solar energy power will allow Ethiopia’s new weather radar network to operate with highest availability so decision-makers can focus on safety,” the company said.

The solar powered weather radar is the first one in a network of 4 C-band weather radars to be installed in Ethiopia.

It further said that the endeavor will modernize Ethiopia’s weather and climate observations by powering a C-band Weather Radar with a solar power system on-site. “The solar panels and backup batteries ensure constant uptime of the weather radar, which in turn enables weather authorities maintain reliable operations and honor Vaisala’s commitment to environmental sustainability.”

The weather radar network in Ethiopia is renewed and expanded as part of a project to advance the country’s capability in weather forecasting. To overcome challenges posed by an unreliable electricity grid, the new solar power system will keep the weather radar continuously operational and with its battery backup system for up to four days even without solar radiation.

“Climate change feeds extreme weather around the world, including Ethiopia, where people are more vulnerable to the impact of severe weather events like flooding, drought, and hail,” said Jarkko Sairanen, Executive Vice President, Weather and Environment, Vaisala. “Through the solar powered weather radar network we bring another industry first solution, which raises the capabilities of Ethiopian authorities to provide their society insights in a reliable way in a difficult environment while simultaneously providing another step toward a healthier planet for us all.” AS

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