News: Govt-affiliated “Fact Check” warns against list of terms about Tigray ahead of AU-led Ethiopia peace talks

Addis Abeba – Ahead of the anticipated AU-led Ethiopia “peace talks”, a government-affiliated “Fact-check” team known as “Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check” has issued a list containing terms associated with Tigray region and warning the international community against their uses saying they constitute a threat to “the sovereignty of Ethiopia.”

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Expressions such as “Government of” or “State of Tigray”, “Tigray External Service” are not just mere mistakes, but do threaten the sovereignty of Ethiopia and need to be fact-checked.

Friends of Ethiopia or those that claim to respect the “Sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitution” of Ethiopia should refrain from using illegal terms in the upcoming peace talks to resolve conflict in Ethiopia’s restive north.

In light of these peace talks, our friends and allies should remember that the two parties are fundamentally different: one a democratically elected, legitimate government and the other, the TPLF armed group.

Likewise, expressions such as “Tigray Administration” or “Regional Government of Tigray” are unacceptable because there is no entity in the Tigray region that has been elected in accordance with the Ethiopian constitution.

Any attempt to state that the peace talks is between the Federal government and the “Region of Tigray” is not only unacceptable but also violates national sovereignty as well as rules-based international order.

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