News: Jakenn Publishing PLC launches tri-lingual service through its signature Addis Standard online

Addis Standard’s new tri-lingual website

Addis Abeba, December 20, 2021– JaKenn Publishing PLC, the publisher of Addis Standard publication, a prominent online and print media based in Addis Abeba, has expanded its language diversity by launching its first tri-lingual website as of today.

The tri-lingual website see the expansion of language services from the original English, by adding two more local languages in Amharic and Affan Oromoo, two of the widely spoken languages in Ethiopia. JAKENN Publishing PLC said the primary aim of its language expansion was aimed at meeting the rapidly growing demand from its diverse audience bases, and as part of one of its short-term plans of the overall restructuring.

Through its newly revamped website, JAKENN has included media product in Amharic and Afaan Oromoo languages along with the existing English medium online and print magazine platforms.

Accordingly, with the language service expansion, JAKENN Publishing PLC will provide to its audience various products including daily news scoops, news analysis, in-depth reports, and commentaries among others, in all the three languages under its brand name Addis Standard.

Commenting on launching of the tri-lingual website, Siyanne Mekonnen, the Editor-in-Chief, said, “As an independent media, Addis Standard will be a breath of fresh air for the local audience. It is exciting to bring diverse voices to mainstream media. We have gotten an overwhelming response from the local audience especially for the Afaan Oromo product. We will work hard to live up to their expectations.”

Siyanne also underlined the complex challenges facing independent media in Ethiopia today. However, she vowed that despite mounting challenges, Addis Standard will maintain its integrity, professional code of ethics and objectivity across all its products. “With the language diversification of our website we will strive to cover topics that are important to our local audience. We look forward to more engagements with the local audience leading to empowerment and ownership of their stories.”

Parallel to the launching of its tri-lingual website, JAKENN is also engaged in redefining its organizational values and vision to uphold and strengthen its well-established ethical standards and to provide clarity across its products with the publication of first-of-its-kind high end editorial document, which includes JAKENN’s editorial policy and guidelines, reporters’ handbook, and style guideline. In addition, JAKENN is finalizing preparations to make public its Editorial Philosophy as social justice-based progressive media house with an upcoming first-of-its-kind document detailing its Editorial Philosophy.

Commenting on the latest restructuring of JAKENN, and the launching of the tri-lingual website, Tsedale Lemma, CEO of JAKENN, and former editor-in-chief of Addis Standard, congratulated the newsroom team. “Today’s launching of Addis Standard tri-lingual website is the fruits of a year and half long hard work in the midst of the most challenging media landscape in Ethiopia. I congratulate all of you for your determination and commitment and I look forward to see your hard work pay off, ” Tsedale said.

The CEO also said works were underway to return JAKENN’s iconic brand, Addis Standard print magazine, to its audiences in the coming few weeks. Addis Standard print magazine ceased to operate in October 2016. Other works in the making include the introduction of Addis Standard YouTube channel, Tsedale hinted, without giving further details. “Despite the less-than ideal media environment in Ethiopia, JAKENN will remain committed to promoting ethical journalism across all its products.”

Addis Standard is a product of the mother company JAKENN Publishing PLC, focused on Ethiopian social, economic and political affairs. It is among the few independent media outlets that continued to function from Ethiopia.

JAKENN was founded in February 2011 by two shareholders and had introduced the Addis Standard publication, which is known for its bold, objective and independent journalism. AS

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