News: Lalibela imposes curfew, movement restrictions, unauthorized firearm possession

Lalibela is known otherwise as the ‘Jerusalem of Africa,’ and is home to the UNESCO registered rock-hewn churches. Picture: Lalibela city government Communication

Addis Abeba – The historic town of Lalibela in Amhara regional state has issued curfew and restrictions of movement for people and vehicles.

By so doing, Lalibela followed the cities of Debre Birhan, Kombolcha, Sekota which imposed stricter restrictions on movements of people and vehicles and curfews as of today as well as the cities of Woldiya and Dessie which implemented similar decisions as of Sunday 28 August.

The town of Lalibela, known otherwise as the ‘Jerusalem of Africa,’ and home to the UNESCO registered rock-hewn churches, has been on the media’s spotlight recently as a city struggling to recovering its tourism that is battered by the covid 19 pandemic and civil war in northern Ethiopia.

According to the Lalibela city government Communication affairs office, the Mayor of Lalibela City Administration Mrs Tesfa Habte cautioned the residents of the city to understand the lies inciting hatred and stay calm and protect their surroundings. The mayor also urged the residents to side with the National Defense Forces, Amhara Special Forces and Fano Militia to fight against Tigrayan forces that “are committing violence in our zone.”

Based on the current situation, the city administration has therefor imposed a curfew to not enter or leave the city from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM local times. No vehicle is also allowed to moved from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM local time.

Furthermore the city has prohibited carrying weapons unauthorized by authorities as well as the use uniforms of the security forces without recognition by the government. AS

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