News: Mayor of Addis Abeba visits injured ENDF members at Army hospital

 Addis Abeba city administration donated 15 million ETB worth of medical equipment, clothing to Armed forces hospital
Photo: Addis Abeba City Press Secretariat Office

By Addis Standard Staff

Addis Abeba, November 09/2021- Adanech Abebe, the mayor of Addis Abeba paid a visit to injured members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) at Armed Forces Comprehensive Specialized Hospital in Bishoftu on Sunday.

According to the city’s press secretariat office, the mayor donated over 15 Million ETB worth of medical equipment and clothing to the members of the military injured during the ‘law enforcement operation’. 

During her visit, Adanech said, “It is important to encourage members of the military who heroically fought against the danger that threatened Ethiopia.” The head of the hospital, Brigadier General Tegen Leta, received the clothing on behalf of the defense forces. Adanech  pledged on behalf of Addis Abeba City administration  to help the hospital operate in its full capacity. 

Accordingly, the Addis Abeba health bureau donated 400 hospital beds while 2000 sweatpants were donated by the city’s youth and sport bureau, which sums up to over 15 Million ETB the city’s press secretariat office said. AS

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