News: Mother of university lecturer & doctoral student confirms gov’t security forces killed him at his home

The late Kajela Tasisa. Picture: Former Colleague Eden G. Matheos

Addis Abeba, April 29/2021 – Agitu Bulcha, the mother of Kajela Tasisa, a lecturer at Dembi Dollo University and who was currently pursuing his doctoral studies at Arba Minch University, confirmed that he was killed at his residence in Dembi Dollo, western Oromia, by security forces.

The circumstances of Kajela’s killing was a topic of heated debates among many on social media, with pro government social media activists claiming he was killed by rebels. However, in an interview his mother Agitu gave to DW Amharic, she confirmed that he was killed by “several” government security forces who surrounded his residence in the night of Sunday April 25 at around 7:30 PM local time.

According to Agitu, Kajela traveled from Arba Minch a day before he was killed; he came to visit his nine months old pregnant wife and spend the upcoming Easter holiday with family. The mother said no one from the family reported the killing to local security, but said she heard that security forces inquired the Dembi Dollo University, where he taught for three years before going to pursue his PhD studies, about her son.

Kajela traveled to Arba Minch University to pursue his doctoral studies in September 2020.

Tessema Wariyo, Kellem Wollega zone Peace and Security bureau head, denies the mother’s account and said he suspected Qajella might have been killed by an assassination squad called “Abba Torbe” and is accused of having links with rebels operating in the area. In addition to Qajella, four others were killed in recent weeks only, and two of them were members of security forces, Tessema said. Tessema said rebels are operating in all Weredas of the zone and have killed hundreds in the last four years. Tessema also claimed the rebels wear uniforms used by security forces. AS

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