News: NaMA slams OFC statement on incursion of Amhara forces into Oromia region; warns against scapegoating of Amhara people, political forces for political gains

Addis Abeba – The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) responded to yesterday’s statement by the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) that, accused “armed forces originating from the Amhara region’’ of carrying out attacks inside the administrative borders of the Oromia region. 

NaMA asserted that OFC’s statement accused Amhara forces of conducting a coordinated campaign of war and land grabbing in the East Wollega, Horro Guduru Wollega, North Showa, and West Shewa zones while these places are where many incidents of attacks on ethnic Amharas are reported. “We hope OFC doesn’t accuse OLA/Shanee of being Amharas,” the statement said, further claiming that most of these areas are under the control of the OLA. 

NaMA appreciated the points discussed in  OFC’s statement such as the deteriorating security situation and the soaring cost of living in Ethiopia. NaMA also commended OFC’s call for a peaceful resolution of the ongoing armed combat between the Oromo Liberation Army (referred to as Shanee by the government) and the Oromia regional security forces. 

The statement, however, slammed OFC for blaming the Amhara people and  Amhara political forces for the instability caused by ongoing political infighting between the various Oromo political forces. 

NaMA accused OFC of blaming ‘extremists originating from the Amhara region’ in a ploy to cool down intra-Oromo political discords and urged OFC and other parties to practice political stances in light of sustainable national peace and benefits. NaMA went on to accuse OFC of attempting to forge  unity amongst Oromo political forces by using political calculations of  “creating a common enemy”.  In a wide call of caution to all Ethiopian political forces, NaMA emphasized that a dichotomy of ‘’us’’ and ‘’them’’ is beneficial to no side at all. “And as such, all political forces should work for the peace and gain of all sides,” the statement read. 

NaMA attributed the insecurities and instabilities happening in all corners of our country as structural and system-birthed. And, the party warned that  no part of the country would see perpetual peace and gain as long as the narrow political benefits of one group were favored while maintaining a system and an administrative structure that would disintegrate the country is in place.  The statement concluded by articulating its belief that differences among Oromo political forces as well as Ethiopian political forces can be narrowed through close communication, mutual correspondence, and by creating an equitable and tolerable political system and thus declared its readiness to work closely with any legally registered party, including OFC. AS 

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