News: Oromo advocacy group calls for independent investigation into extrajudicial execution of pregnant woman, her husband by security forces in Oromia

Getachew Kisi, Genet Birri, and their children.
Photo credit: Social media

Addis Abeba – The Oromo Legacy Leadership & Advocacy Association (OLLAA) released a statement addressing the United States, United Kingdom, and multilateral forums like the EU and AU in a wider call to the international community to investigate what it called ‘ongoing human rights abuses and violations within the regional state’. OLLAA laid specific reference to the deaths of a married couple, Getachew Kisi and Genet Birri, in Kachise, West Shewa Zone.  

The statement attributed the deaths of the couple to ‘shots fired by members of the ENDF at a wedding in Kachise’. The association said that this was a reflection of the human rights situation within the region. This comes in the backdrop of a conflict that is happening between the federal government and OLA, which the government refers to as ‘Shane’. In connection with this, OLLAA’s presser stated that people in the region were being targeted for ‘purported affiliations with the OLA.’ 

Besides calling for investigations vis-a-vis the aforementioned events, the advocacy group also urged diplomats within the country to utilize resources at their disposal toward an all-inclusive dialogue. Furthermore, OLLAA said that international attention was pointed to the 2020 northern Ethiopia war, stressing that issues with the Oromia region have seldom made it into international platforms.  AS 

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