News: Prosecutor files appeal against detained senior OLF leader 6 months after his acquittal

Colonel Gemechu Ayana, Senior OLF Official.
Picture: Mo’AA TV

By Siyanne Mekonnen @Siyaanne

Addis Abeba, November 30,2021-  Colonel Gemechu Ayana, a senior leader of the Oromo Liberation Army was yesterday arraigned at  court where prosecutors brought charges against him. He remains under police custody Six months after court ordered his release. 

Colonel Gemechu was last brought to court in May 2021 where he and Thirteen other  OLF members were taken by security forces to an undisclosed location after the court acquitted them of terrorism charges and ordered their release, lawyer Tuli Bayisa told Addis Standard at the time. 

His family member told Addis Standard that yesterday, Colonel Gemechu was brought to the Federal Supreme Court Cassation Bench after the prosecutor filed an appeal. “They filed an appeal against the charges the court dropped Six months ago,” the family member said. His defense team was not made aware of his court appearance according to the family member, and the hearing took place in the absence of his lawyers.  

Gemechu is one of the several OLF leaders who faced arrests and re-arrests  and transfers to several detention camps without the knowledge of his family and defense team. He remains in detention despite his acquittal and is currently under federal police custody, his family member said. AS

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