News: Regional district court grants Fed. police four days to remand Abebe Bayu of Ethio-Forum, Bekalu Alamrew, Fanuel Kinfu of Awlo Media for investigation

Fanuel Kinfu , Bekalu Alamrew and Abebe Bayu

By Mahlet Fasil @MahletFasil 

Addis Abeba, August 12/2021 – The trial of Journalists Abebe Bayu of Ethio-Forum, Bekalu Alamrew and Fanuel Kinfu of Awlo Media began today. The hearing took place at the premises of Awash Fentale District Court in Afar regional state. 

The three defendants were present in Awash Fentale District Court at the hearing this morning, when the federal police asked to remand them another 14 days for investigation, However,  their lawyer Tadele G/medhin told Addis Standard that the court granted only four days for further investigation. 

According to their lawyer,  the defendants asked the court to grant them bail so they can stand trial outside prison. The court set an alternative on Monday, August 16,  2021 to decide on the matter after police presented their findings, an appointment coinciding with the next trial date of Yayesew Shimeles. 

Abebe Bayu of Ethio-Forum, Bekalu Alamrew and Fanuel Kinfu of Awlo Media were first arrested on July 02, 2021 alongside other journalists and staff members of both Awlo Media and Ethio-Forum.  In his last appearance in Fentale District Court, 10 staff members of Awlo Media were  released from prison on Monday, August 09, 2021 by the warrant of their ID cards. AS

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