News: Ruling party purges more than 2,500 officials in leadership position; takes administrative measures against thousands more

Adem Farah, deputy president of Prosperity Party
Photo: Prosperity Party

Addis Abeba: The deputy president of the ruling Prosperity Party (PP), Adam Farah said that the party dismissed 2,574 officials following the party’s pre-congress evaluation. A total of 108,258 officials were evaluated, according to him,  and measures of different levels were taken against more than ten thousand of them. 

In a statement detailing the proceedings from the beginning of the congress until its completion, Adem said that  2,574  of the 10, 658 officials that measures were taken against were removed from their leadership position while the remaining received warning and demotions.  

The deputy president of PP noted that professionalism, work ethics, achievement were among the criteria that the officials were evaluated against. 

Earlier in March, the Amhara Prosperity Party relieved party members that accused of violating the party’s financial and asset management regulations during loans management. 

The Prosperity Party held its first general assembly is between 10 – 12 March 2022. According to a press statement issued by the party’s top leadership the Prosperity Party has more than 11 million members throughout the country. AS

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