News: Unidentified assailants kill police chief, injured another in Southwest region

Photo: Gambella region press secretariat

Addis Abeba – Unidentified armed assailants killed Godere Woreda police chief while another police sustained serious injury in an attack on a vehicle traveling from Mizan city, in the southwest regional state, to Meti town in Godere Woreda of Majang zone.

Gamella region press secretariat quoted Godere Woreda Crime Prevention Assistant Inspector Obang Udong as saying that the attack took place in an area known as Baya in Yeki Woreda of Southwest regional state on Sunday 11 June at around 7:30 PM local time. The injured police officer is receiving medical treatment in Tepi hospital.

The police officers who were targeted by the attackers were returning to Meti city in Godere woreda after completing training in Mizan city in the southwest regional state.

Strongly condemning the attack, Inspector Obang said that the police will cooperate with the judicial authorities and those concerned to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice. He also said the police will provide detailed information about the attack. AS

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