News Update: Despite widespread controversy on social media, Abduljebar Hussien’s brother says no visible injury on his body when he was found

The Late Abduljebar Hussien

By Addis Standard Staff 

Addis Abeba,  August 13/2021– Conflicting reports surrounding the death of Abduljebir Hussien, a member of the Oromo Political Prisoners Defense Team and the lawyer of major political figures were circulating on social media platforms. In Addis Standard’s earlier report, A close friend of Abduljebir,  Mohamed Jimma told Addis standard that Abdulijeber was found dead at Adama city Bole Sub-City kebele 12, 900 meters from Adama Medical College Hospital between 07:00 and 07:30 PM. He also said, “No visible injury was seen on his body.” 

Following the controversy that erupted on social media after a religious leader’s comments on Abdul Jabir’s funeral, Addis Standard made a second call to his brother, Sultan Hiussein who said “A family member and his wife told us that there were no injuries on his body when they found him. But I know that the body gets cut open during autopsy examination.” 

He also expressed suspicion about the location Abdul Jabbar’s body was found, “He normally doesn’t go to that neighborhood. It is a mystery to us how he was found there, God only knows.” Sultan said he was confused by why the police didn’t make any arrests or launch an investigation. Commenting on the remarks made by the religious leader at Abdul Jabbar’s funeral, Sultan said, “What I know is that the body is cut open when autopsy is performed. He wasn’t stabbed.” 

“What I know is that the body is cut open when an autopsy is performed. He wasn’t stabbed.”

Sultan Hussein 

When asked about the conflicting narratives circulating on social media surrounding Abdul Jabbar’s death, Gemechu Gutema, a member of Oromo Political Prisoners Defense Team told Addis Standard yesterday, “We are not in a position to comment on the nature of his death. We will wait for what the police investigation reveals.” AS

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