News: WHO chief applauds “good progress” in humanitarian aid flow to Tigray, but says Eritrean forces continued massacring civilians

Tedros Adhanom. Photo: Screenshot /AS

Addis Abeba – Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom (PhD), said there was a “good progress” both in food and medicines delivery and resumption of basic services in the Tigray region following the peace deal signed in 02 November between Ethiopian government and Tigrayan forces, but expressed his concerns over the continued occupation of by Eritrean forces massacres on civilians in parts of the region.

In his media briefing on the global health issue in Geneva, Dr Tedros said Wednesday that there was progress in the flow of humanitarian aid and the resumption of basic services such as banking and telecommunications, but given the huge humanitarian need in the region, there are a lot of areas that are not yet covered. Furthermore, Dr Tedros said that the presence of Eritrean forces in Tigray has continued to be a big challenge.

“The only problem now we see is the continued occupation of Tigray by the Eritrean army, they continue massacring civilians. We believe that could affect the peace agreement reached by both parties,” he underscored, adding, “International community should help in making sure that Eritrea respects the peace deal and withdraw from Tigray and to stop the massacre”.

On 14 December, Dr Tedros said Eritrean troops killed his uncle and “more than 50” others in a village in the Tigray.

Despite media reports that Eritrean forces have started withdrawing from Tigray, residents say they continue to occupy cities like Axum, where Eritrean military vehicle ran over civilians on Tuesday, killing two and severely injuring another, according to an eyewitness.

The crime happened in Axum City, at a specific place called China Road, near Areya Kahisu nursing school, on Tuesday afternoon, the eyewitness told Addis Standard.

“Eritrean soldier hit the two civilians with old Mercedes military truck killing two men. Members of the federal police and the Ethiopian defense force detained the driver,” after he committed the crime, the witness said, adding that, he cannot tell whether it was deliberate or accidental. AS

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