News: Woldiya, Dessie cities in Amhara state impose curfew, movement restrictions

Dessie City. Photo: Dessie City Administration Communication

Addis Abeba – The city administration bureaus of Woldiya and Dessie in Amhara regional states have imposed restrictions on movements of people and curfews effective Sunday 28 August.

The announcement from both cities followed earlier news on Saturday 27 August from the federal government that allied members of the federal army and Amhara regional state security forces withdrew from the city of Kobo in North Wello zone of Amhara region in order to avoid unnecessary human suffering. The federal government accused Tigrayan forces of “using human wave strategy.”

The notice from From Woliday city administration stated that a curfew was imposed prohibiting movements of people from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM local time except for personnel assigned by the security forces. Furthermore any vehicle other than the vehicles assigned for security works are prohibited movements as of 6:00 PM local time.

Similarly, the city administration of Dessie issued several points provisions including prohibiting movements of people, service provisions in city restaurants, night clubs bars and grocery shops after 7:00 PM for any reason.

It also prohibited price hikes by the city’s service providing entities and warned action will be taken against who violate the provision.

Furthermore, the city also ordered IDPs who are sheltered there to cooperate with the inspection and pre-cautionary operations by the security forces implemented for the common safety. Landlords of penisions beds, residential houses or apartment houses are also obliged to provide information on any tenant to the security institutions. DSTV service providers, gathering places where consumers chew Khat and Shisha, are also forbidden to provide service either publicly or discretely. Those who are spreading rumors and terror “in support of the enemy’s ideas and activities” will also be legally held accountable.

Guests who are staying for any reason are also prohibited from moving after 7:00 PM local. The city also appealed to its residents to inform security forces on strangers and unusual intrusions observed in the city. It also requested the youth to strengthen their support to the security forces without the need for any other organization in terms of protecting the environs.

It is strictly forbidden to carry weapons outside of provisions authorized by security forces in the city, the city administration said, adding that it was also prohibited to move both individually or in a group starting from 8:00 PM local time. AS

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