#NewsAlert: Joint security, intelligence task force warns “clandestine groups” using Gedeo statehood request as “source of violence and chaos”

Addis Abeba – In a statement it released this evening, the Ethiopian joint security and intelligence task force, which is comprised of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), the Federal Police Commission, and Information Network Security Administration (INSA), warned that actions “will be taken against those who try to use regional statehood demands in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ (SNNP) regional state “as a source of violence.”

The government was working to resolve the statehood demands arising from the SNNP region constitutionally and and peacefully. The regional government of SNNP is also “working to restructure the zones under its administration.”

Among those slotted to be restructured is the Gedeo zone, the Task Force said, adding that in order to ensure community participation, a documents containing the matter has been prepared and is being discussed at the zonal level.

However, the Task Force said its intelligence “confirmed” that clandestine groups who claim to demand for Gedeo statehood are organizing and operating to push the demand “by force.”

The joint Task Force also says that such groups are spreading false information through social social media to achieve “their destructive plans” and are moving “from house to house and campaigning,” which has been identified by the security forces.

It warned that security and intelligence officials were monitoring such individuals and groups organized and lined up for this “nefarious purpose”, and warned them “to refrain from their mission of destruction.” Appropriate legal actions will be taken against those found to contravene the warning.

The statement claimed that the majority of the community in the Gedeo zone “believe that the activities of those who have declared this mission of destruction are not appropriate” and are contributing by giving tips to security forces.

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